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What would happen to you and your business if you could hire four ELITE employees for the price of one? Stop wondering and let us show you.

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Expert employees at 1/4th the price

100% Fixed Rate

No Hidden Fees

Cancel Anytime

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Philippines Based VAs with

In-Depth Training and Certification

Skill sifters trains & Manages

We provide high-level training for clients so you can get the most of your new hire right away!


Many outsourcing agencies cause more problems than they provide solutions. You hire a new employee but lack the systems to effectively train them, manage the workload, and track productivity to ensure you've made a good investment. You're left with lost time, money and the same issues. This is what makes us stand out. We make sure you're set up for success with assisted training and management.

By partnering with Skill Sifters, you can...

+ Access top-notch expertise without searching.

+ Scale your business rapidly.

+ Hire four experts for the price of one.

+ Offload time-consuming and mundane tasks.

+ Get back to enjoying your job and your life!

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We understand that every business is unique, which is why we offer personalized solutions to meet specific needs. Thrive with the demands and challenges faced by modern businesses with the help of our talent who have undergone in-depth training and are fully equipped to be a reliable extra arm for you.


We are driven by a mission to simplify the lives of entrepreneurs and busy professionals by providing exceptional virtual assistance services that will empower businesses to achieve their goals by maximizing efficiency, productivity, and growth. Skill Sifters strives to deliver innovative solutions that enable our clients to thrive in today's fast-paced business environment.



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